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mula kay Tonton Young and Pupung Company, 1993

Our Tagalog Discussion Forum provides site visitors with an interactive page for   their comments, opinions, questions, and/or views about issues related to the Tagalog language and Philippine culture in general.  You can start a new topic or simply respond to other posted comments in this page.  You may get responses from other site visitors using this discussion forum.

We began our discussion forum on 6 February 2000. For the new threads after 24 January 2001, click on the new Tagalog Discussion Forum link below.

We encourage positive, polite, and constructive comments in our Discussion Forum.  We reserve the right to delete obscene comments or postings (and links included in the postings) in this forum.  We monitor the postings at least three times a day, seven days a week.  You can also send us complaints via email if you see some obscene comments or postings (in Tagalog or English) in our forum and we will delete them immediately. 

Use of indecent speech and personal attacks on other site visitors in the Forum will not be tolerated, and such postings will also be deleted.  We will also delete translation requests for obscene, vulgar, and/or insulting Tagalog words and phrases that we deem inappropriate for posting in the Forum.  In this connection, we are requesting other Tagalog-speakers visiting our site NOT to translate obscene, vulgar, and/or other inappropriate Tagalog words/ expressions.  Otherwise, we will also delete those translations in our Forum.

We do not allow illegitimate postings of business ventures, propaganda materials, and other types of solicitations in this Forum.  Such postings will also be deleted.  

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