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mula sa Philippine Daily Inquirer Internet Edition, 21 September 2001

Filipinos are generally fond of describing people based on their physical and/or distinctive personality attributes. It is common to hear Tagalog-speakers use these descriptions or attributes as "nicknames" for people, which in some cases may offend the person given the nickname.  For example, someone who is a bit fat may be called "Si Taba" (Mister or Miss Fat); another person who is short may be called "Si Pandak" (Shorty); or someone who is too tall may be called "Si Higante" (The Giant).  Filipinos are also fond of giving nicknames to other people if they look like somebody else, like a movie character.  Thus, one could hear calls like "Yoda", "Batman", "Pretty Woman", etc. 

Nicknames could also be based on the personality attribute of a person.  Tsismosa (Ms. Gossip), Tsismoso (Mr. Gossip), Madaldal (Talkative/Rumor Monger), Matampuhin (Jealous), Bungisngis (Giggly), etc., are among the common nicknames that are used to describe a person.   Nicknames that tell more about the positive traits of a person include Matalino (Intelligent), Mabait (Kind), Magaling (Good/Skillful), and Maginoo (Gentleman), among others.

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