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A.  Exercise Types for Begining-Level Listeners

                    Exercise                                                                              Activities

Discriminating between Phonemes


Selecting Details from a Text (Word Recognition)







Listening for Normal Sentence Word


Discriminating between Emotional Reactions


Listen to pairs of words.  Some pairs differ and some pairs are the same.  Circle the word "same" and "different", depending on what you hear.

Match a word that you hear with its picture.
Listen to a weather report.  Look at a list of words and circle the words that you hear.
Listen to the sentence that contains clock time.  Circle the clock time that you hear among three choices.
Listen to an advertisement.  Slect out the price of an item, and write the amount of a price tag.

Listen to a series of recorded telephone messages from an asnwering machine.  Fill-in the chart with the following information from each caller:   name, time, and message.

Listen to a short dialog and fill-in the missing words that have been deleted in a partial transcript.

Listen to a sequence of utterances.  Place a check in the column that describes the emotional reaction that you hear: interested, happy, surprised, or unhappy.