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Talking About Past Activities



(homework is due the day after)

LUNES Read the dialog on p. 166.

Review giving commands using the infinitive forms of verbs/neutral

Study list of verbs and their completed aspect.

Bring a picture of a vacation you had in the past. Prepare a narrative of some of the things you did during that vacation. Read the narrative in class Tuesday.

Visit the Vocabulary Activities On Line and do the activities any day during the week.

Do the different activities. You are free to choose which of these activities you prefer. At the end of the lesson - Do all the quizzes. Make sure you log-on at the beginning and answer the short questionnaire at the end of the lesson.

MARTES Do Show and Tell

Watch a film clip. Discuss what happened in the film.

Grammar Notes

Do Vocabulary Lesson. Do the Strategy Survey. Grammar Do Exercises on p.173-175
MIYERKOLES Do Activities on p. 169-170

Do the reading and writing activities on p. 175-177

More Reading and Writing Activities (See Sample Lessons)

Interview a friend about what he/she did yesterday, last weekend. Use the guide on p. 170 Act.3

Do Vocabulary Lesson. Do the Strategy Survey.

HUWEBES Listening and Speaking Activities

Discussion/Small Group Activities (See Sample Lessons)

WRITE a narrative of any topic of your own choice. You can write about past experiences in learning another language.

Go to the Vocabulary Site for the weekly vocabulary quiz on line.

GO to the Language Center and do the ff.:

1.Visit the Tagalog Site in the web. Do the activities under, Talking About Past Activities

2.You can also borrow tape # 218 for additional audio recording.

3. Do both pre-activity and reading and writing quizzes.

  1. Study the grammar notes.
  2. Remember to log in with your social security #. You don’t need to write the answers on the paper if you do this because your answers are e-mailed to me.