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Talking about Habitual and Coming Events 



(homework is due the day after)


Read a short narrative (Coming Events)

Do guessing game on p.180

Giving Reasons

Make a list of verbs (um, mag and ma) – 10 each. And write their completed and contemplated aspect. Use the back of your book as a reference. Use them in sentences.


Visit the Vocabulary Activities On Line and do the activities any day during the week.

Do the different activities. You are free to choose which of these activities you prefer. At the end of the lesson - Do all the quizzes. Make sure you log-on at the beginning and answer the short questionnaire at the end of the lesson.

MARTES Expansion exercises (Answering basic questions)

Alternative questions

Do cumulative activities on p. 187-188

Do exercises 1&2 on p. 181-182

Do grammar exercises on p.189-192


Play card games

Roleplaying Different Scenarios

Dialog Variation

Listening and reading exercise

(See Sample Lessons)

Do the exercise on p. 202 (on top of the page)

Do Grammar Exercises on p. 204-206

HUWEBES Reading and Writing Exercise: Conversion Exercise Do the all the Writing Exercises on p.209-211

WRITE your daily schedule for one whole week.

BIYERNES Go to Vocabulary Activities On Line and take the VOCABULARY QUIZ GO to the Language Center and do the ff.:

1.Visit the Tagalog Site in the web. Do the activities under, Talking about Habitual and Coming Events 

2.You can also borrow tapes for additional audio recording.

3. Do both pre-activity and reading and writing quizzes.

  1. Study the grammar notes.