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Review Simple Sentences, Pronouns, Linkers and Markers



(homework is due the day after)

LUNES Read a short biography of  Dr. Jose Rizal (the Philippine National Hero) Browse the internet and learn more about the other Filipino Heroes.  Choose one and write a short narrative.
MARTES Give Group Lists and suggested Folk Stories

Review Simple Sentences

Write simple sentences for each type. Use own words.
MIYERKOLES Review Pronouns (ang, ng, sa personal and demonstrative pronouns) Choose 5 pronouns from each category and use them in sentences.
HUWEBES Review Linkers and Markers


Write complex sentences demonstration the different occurrences of linkers
BIYERNES Visit www.seasite.niu.edu/tagalog
  1. Go to the Grammar Lessons
  2. Visit the ff sections: simple sentences, pronouns, markers and linkers
  3. Write own descriptions of each grammar structure in your notebook. Write sample sentences.