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Making Requests and Giving Commands




LUNES Read the dialog, "Paki Nga"

Vocabulary Activity:

  • Pictionary (sounds like)
  • Jeopardy Game

Practice making requests with a partner

Small Groups: Write own dialog making requests

Visit the Vocabulary Activities On Line do the activities any day during the week.

Do the different activities. You are free to choose which of these activities you prefer. At the end of the lesson - Do all the quizzes. Make sure you log-on at the beginning and answer the short questionnaire at the end of the lesson. Visit the regular website for additional thematic activities

MARTES Giving Commands: Discuss Verbs with the


  • Do Oral Practice
  • Do Simon Says
DO exercises 1-2 on pp.136-137
MIYERKOLES Giving Commands: Discuss verbs with the – I affix

Negative commands

Do exercise on p.140
HUWEBES Discussion/Small Group Activities

(See Sample Lessons)

WRITE a brief narrative of any topic of your own choice.
BIYERNES Vocabulary Quiz On line  

1.Visit the the Lesson On Line Making Requests and Giving Commands. Do the activities.  Listen to all the audio.

2.You can also borrow tape # 214 for additional audio recording.

3. Do both pre-activity and reading and writing quizzes. Copy your answers on a sheet of paper and submit answers on Monday.

4. Study the grammar notes on i-in verbs