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Describing Possession and Ownership




LUNES Review "Ng Pronouns" and Names of Objects
  • Study Table of Ang, Ng and Sa Pronouns
  • Concentration Game
  • Dictionary Activity
  • Listening for words/Writing words
Write in your Notebook 10 sentences using ng pronouns.

Read these sentences in class on Tuesday.

Don’t forget to visit the websites this week. After visiting the Vocabulary site – please don’t forget to do the survey!

MARTES Mini Dialogs on identifying possessions.

Answering "alin" questions using "ng pronouns and ng phrases.

Do the exercise on p. 114 (Fill in the blanks)
MIYERKOLES Do Activities on p.115 answering "kanino questions" using sa phrases and pronouns. Do the grammar exercises 1 & 2 on p 117.

Discussion/Small Group Activities

WRITE using Tagalog and/or English the uses of the grammar points discussed in class
BIYERNES Vocabulary Quiz On Line Visit the lesson on Describing Possession and Ownership. Do the activities under, "Describing Ownership and Possession." Listen to all the audio and do all the activities.

2.You can also borrow tape # 212 for additional audio recording.

3. Go to the grammar page and study "sa and ng pronouns. Study the examples.

4. Don’t forget to log-in for attendance.