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Expressing Ability and Obligation



(homework is due the day after)

LUNES Dialog

Mini Dialogs

Activities 1-4 (p.253)

visit the Tagalog Vocabulary Site and do all the strategy based activities.
MARTES Stating What someone do or must do using pictures

Do Cumulative Activities on p.255

(See Sample Lessons)

Do Writing Exercise #1 0n p.256
MIYERKOLES Movie (Tanging Yaman Directed by Laurice Guillen))

Use the Movie Sheet for Evaluation

Do Writing Exercise #2 on p. 257
HUWEBES Finish the movie

Follow-up writing and small group discussion

(See Sample Lessons)

Journal: Any narrative
BIYERNES Visit the Tagalog Vocabulary Site and do the On line Quiz (this can be done as a group in a language center/computer lab if such room is available) GO to the Language Center and do the ff.:

1.Visit the Tagalog Site in the web. Do the activities under, Expressing Ability and Obligation

2.You can also borrow tape # 323for additional audio recording.

3. Do both pre-activity and reading and writing quizzes.

  1. Study the grammar notes.
  2. Remember to log in with your social security #. You don’t need to write the answers on the paper if you do this because your answers are e-mailed to me.