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Expressing and Inquiring About
Likes and Dislikes




LUNES Read the dialog

Answer Comprehension Questions (Ano, questions with kung phrases, bakit)

Vocabulary Activities

  • Cross Word Puzzle
  • Scrambled Words
Don’t forget to visit the Lessons in the website . Do the Thematic Lesson Activities and the Vocabulary Lesson On line. Don’t forget to do language survey on-line.

Study Vocabulary Words and grammar structures.

MARTES Do activities 1 & 3,4 on p.123-124.

Grammar Notes (gusto/ayaw)

Make a list of own likes and dislikes.

Ba questions/yes/no questions

Write what you like and dislike about the different seasons (tag-araw, tagsibol, taglagas, taglamig)
MIYERKOLES Inquiring about what someone said using raw/daw

Using alternative choices (using o)

Review Numbers

Discuss use of Magkano in questioning

Write a short dialog (based on the lesson dialog). The setting could be anywhere, e.g. cafeteria, mall, office, school, etc.
HUWEBES Discussion/Small Group Activities WRITE in Tagalog and/or English a narrative of any topic of your own choice.
BIYERNES Vocabulary Quiz On line