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Expressing and Inquiring
About Likes and Dislikes



(homework is due the day after)

LUNES Read the dialog

Answer Comprehension Questions

Vocabulary Activities

  • Cross Word Puzzle
  • Scrambled Words
Don’t forget to visit the website (M-Th). Do the Thematic Lesson Activities and the Vocabulary Lesson. Don’t forget to do language survey on-line.

Study Vocabulary Words

Study the vocabulary words at home. Use 10 of these words in complete sentences. Record them.

MARTES Do activities 1 & 3,4 on p.123-124.

Grammar Notes (gusto/ayaw)

Ba questions/yes/no questions
Inquiring about what someone said using raw/daw

Using alternative choices (using o)
Discuss use of Magkano in questioning

. Write a short dialog (based on the lesson dialog). The setting could be anywhere, e.g. cafeteria, mall, office, school, etc.
MIYERKOLES Show the Film "Muro Ami"  
HUWEBES Finish Film and discuss details using this Worksheet  
BIYERNES Vocabulary Quiz On line