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Desrcibing People, Objects, and Nature




LUNES Do dialog

Fill-in the Blanks

Learn Vocabulary words: Describing People and Objects

Vocabulary Practice (See Sample Lessons)

Don’t forget to visit the website. Do the Thematic Lesson Activities and the Vocabulary Lessons. Don’t forget to do language survey on-line.

Study Vocabulary Words

Writing: Describe Yourself. Write at least ten sentences

MARTES Describing Food

Synonyms and Antonyms

Adjective Phrases/sentences

"May" sentences

Do Grammar Exercises (I-5) p.72-73
MIYERKOLES Cultural Activity

Contradictions (using pero, nga at naman)

Guessing Game

Expansion exercises

Do Grammar Exercises(6-8) on p. 74-75
HUWEBES Small Group or whole class Activities
(See Sample Lessons)

Writing game

Do writing exercises on p 76-77
BIYERNES Vocabulary Quiz On line JOURNAL: Write a short narrative about any topic of your choice.