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Inquiring About Absences,
Excuses, and Ailments



(homework is due the day after)

LUNES Listening Activity


Sentence Strips

Learn a Song "Sampung Mga Daliri"

Other Language Activities

Don’t forget to visit the website. Do the Thematic Lesson Activities and the Vocabulary Lessons.   Don’t forget to do language survey on-line.

Study Vocabulary Words

Write about your plans/activities this week.

MARTES Vocabulary Activities

Acts. 1-4 p.97

Bakit Question./respond with kasi

Do Activity #2 on p.98. Interview 10 people and ask them the most common reason why they would be absent in class. Make a tally and write about it.
MIYERKOLES Cultural Activity

Sample Activities

Making a list and enumerating ailments

HUWEBES Discussion/Small Group Activities  
BIYERNES Vocabulary Quiz On line Review all important vocabulary learned in class