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Tagalog Sounds




Lunes Tagalog Sounds

Consonant Sounds

Vowels Sounds

Tagalog Sound Powerpoint

Practice saying words with consonant sounds. Make a list 10 of words with these sounds. Use dictionary or back of Conversational Tagalog Book.
Martes Phonics


Review Stress and vowel length

Do Drills

Practice phrases and short sentences in a dialog

Practice saying these sounds. Make a list of 15 words with these sounds.
Miyerkoles Philippine CULTURAL Activity


Answer exercise on page 12 (Modern Tagalog) indicating the correct stress of the words in boldface. Write answers on a piece of paper and submit Thursday.
Huwebes Sound Changes: Non-final Glottal Stop, raising of vowel wounds in a phrase, alternation of d and r, sounds changes in affixations (mang and pang prefixes, ng after labi and h in the suffixes)

Sound Changes Powerpoint

Do the exercises a and b on page 14 , the exercise on p.15, 16,19, and a and exercises on top of page 20 (Modern Tagalog Book)
Biyernes GO to the Language Center and do the ff.:

1.Visit The Language Lessons in the website

2.Visit the Grammar Lessons.

3.Do the Activities under Tagalog Sounds.


Make a list of ten Tagalog words, record reading these words. Repeat the words twice. Submit the tape on Monday.