VOCABULARY: an on going process

How do I begin to increase my vocabulary?

Vocabulary is an on going process. It continues throughout your life. what you have done is to slow your effective method of learning vocabulary down to a snail's pace. When you were younger you learned something day in and day out. You kept squeezing every moment of the day into a new and different learning situation. You continually asked questions and drove yourself to learn more. Look at the following examples:

What this tells you is the more you learn, the more vocabulary you will know. No matter what your age, you must continue to learn. Words are "symbols" for ideas. These ideas formulate knowledge and knowledge is gained largely through words.

Some suggestions which may help you:


Read. Read books from fields other than your major. Read books which interest you and concentrate while you read.

Source: http://www.ucc.vt.edu/stdysk/vocabula.html