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Beginning Tagalog Level

  • Recommended  Essay

    "Ang Pag-aaral ng Isang Wika"
    (Learning a Language) is a short essay about the qualities of a good and bad language learner.  This essay is written in Tagalog.   A dictionary is available online to help you with some of the difficult words.   Read this first before doing the activities.

  • Language Learning Tips for Learners

    This is a list of different language learning strategies/activities that can  help learners make language learning (i.e., learning Tagalog) exciting, fun, and meaningful. 

  •  Intro to Thematic Activities

    This page provides an introduction to the lessons and a brief description of the organization of the themes. Please read this introduction first before you proceed to the activities. 

  • Thematic Lessons

    The lessons are divided into two: Beginning Tagalog 1 and Beginning Tagalog 2The Beginning Tagalog 1 lessons are for learners who have minimal language skills in Tagalog and would like to do activities to build their vocabulary in the language.  The Beginning Tagalog 2  lessons are for learners who have a good set of vocabulary words and have a basic understanding of Tagalog structure.

Intermediate Tagalog Level

  • Intermediate Grammar

These grammar notes cover the basics of the Tagalog verbal system, more advanced forms of questions,  and some sentence expansions and transformations. It also introduces some of the commonly used particles. More advanced topics such as the complex verb forms causative and comitative are not included in this pag.

  • Intermediate Thematic Lessons

These lessons are to supplement themes and grammar lesson activities in the classroom.  Each lesson consists of a dialog, list of vocabulary related to the theme, a short narrative or an essay related to the theme, a suggested reading and writing task and a related song to be used as enrichment.

  • Intermediate Reading Lessons

These are readings with follow-up activities.  The readings are organized in the following sections:   Kasaysayan, Kaugaliang Pilipino, Suliraning Panlipunan,  Sanaysay Tungkol sa Agham Panlipunan,  Kalusugan, Mga Pabula at iba pa.

  • Other Intermediate Readings

These are readings that can be developed as a reading lessons for classroom  or for  personal use.   These readings are appropriate for High Intermediate and Advanced learners in the language.  Literature, essays with social relevance are some of the related topics.

For Language Teachers and k-12 Mainstream Teachers

  • Teacher Page

This page was developed for language teachers as well as mainstream classroom teachers.  Lesson Plans, Pedagogical Activities, and cultural notes are included in this page.

  • ACTFL Guidelines

    These guidelines were developed by the American Council on Teaching of Foreign Language.  These guidelines are in the PDF format that language teachers can use in designing their own syllabus and curriculum.

  • Definition of Linguistic Terms

This is an outside page that can be access from this site.  This page lists all the Linguistic Terms and gives definitions and examples needed for understanding grammar categories.

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