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The Thematic Lessons in this website are taken from Dr. Teresita Ramos' Conversational Tagalog: A Functional-Situational Approach, (University of Hawaii Press) a text intended for beginning level adult learners of Tagalog. The lessons are not designed to replace the activities in the book but are used to guide visitors of this site to learn the language in a meaningful and purposeful way. Some of the reading texts and most of the dialogs are from the same book. These texts and dialogs provide authentic real-life situations for learners to understand and learn the function of the language.  

The activities in the lessons are organized to develop reading, writing, speaking, listening and grammar skills in Tagalog. Each thematic lesson contains the following sections: pre-activity, presentation of the lesson (dialogs from the book), vocabulary, and reading, and writing activity. These sections are described below.

1.  Pre-activity  Pencil and Paper.gif (245 bytes)

This is an activity presented as an e-mail quiz, word drag and drop quiz, or picture drag and drop quiz, and/or a song or poem/rhyme. This activity prepares and helps learners get ready for the presentation of the lesson (dialog) and the reading and writing activity. 

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2.  Presentation of the Lesson  real.gif (626 bytes)

This is a written dialog (conversation) with audio presentation.   Learners will listen to and read dialog utterances of people in many cultural (Filipino) situations.  The dialogs are theme specific.  This section will help learners practice their listening, reading, and pronunciation skills in Tagalog/Filipino.

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3.  Vocabulary   book.gif (4596 bytes)

This contains a list of vocabulary words from a dialog.  Words to help learners build their vocabulary for a  specific theme are also included.  These words prepare learners for the reading and writing  activities.    A dictionary applet is also included to help learners look up unfamiliar words.

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4.  Reading and Writing Activities  Pencil and Paper.gif (245 bytes)

This is a variety of quizzes, narratives, and (in some pages) cultural notes.  Most of the quizzes are based  on the dialogs and some are based on reading a text.   The quizzes could be multiple- choice questions, short answer questions,  or fill-in the blanks.

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