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The Waray Region

The coasts of Samar and Leyte are the most easterly of the Philippine islands.  It is no accident that these islands were the first to be sighted by Magellan's fleet when it floundered in the Pacific seas.  The first Catholic Mass on Philippine soil was celebrated on Limasawa Island on the southern tip of Leyte.   Later in history, Leyte would become  the site of the landing by American forces under General Douglas MacArthur during the liberation campaign for the Philippines.


or simply
is the term used
to refer to the people
who inhabit the islands of
Samar and Biliran
and the eastern section of

Those who come from
Samar are called
while those from
Leyte are
They speak the language
called Waray.

San Juanico Bridge
Connects the islands of Leyte and Samar

Farming and fishing
are the major industries
of the Warays.

The most important crop
and major source of income
for many is the
The other principal
agricultural products
are rice and corn.

Sugarcane, abaca,  and tobacco
are also grown.
Cassava and camote (yam)
are grown as supplementary
staple food.

Fruits, nuts, and vegetables
are grown all year round.

Leyte is a big producer of

Samar and Leyte

have good fishing ground,
providing the people of these provinces
and other neighboring towns
with a variety of fish
and other seafood.

Native wines
are produced in the area, too. The most common
of these wines are
tuba, extracted from the coconut palm,
and pangasi,
made from fermented rice.

Colorful handicrafts,
such as woven mats and hats made of buri
or plant strips,
are some of the more distinctive Waray products

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Imelda Marcos,
born in Leyte province,

and a well-known Waray

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an important produce
of Leyte

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an important

product of Warays

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Shrimp with
coconut milk and vegetable

The Waray Provinces


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Waray cooking
is simple
consisting mainly fish
and other seafood,
such as oysters and crabs.

Coconut , banana, and tuber
are popular in the Waray kitchen.
Just like in other parts
of the country,
are a major part of
the Waray diet.

MacArthur Park
Landing site of the Allied forces led by Gen. Douglas MacArthur during the liberation of the Philippines in Red Beach, Palo, Leyte, 1944.