A large number of fish varieties--primarily from the salt waters of the Pacific ocean, and also from fresh water lakes, rivers and ponds all over the archipelago--provide Filipinos a wide range of options in their seafood cooking. Aside from fish, other seafood varieties also abound in the country's waters, such as shrimp (hipon), prawns (sugpo), clams, squid to name just a few.

Frying, grilling, steaming, and baking are very common ways of seafood preparation, usually wrapped in banana leaves; seasoned with salt, pepper, and other spices; and garnished with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Dried and pickled fish, shrimp, and squid are fairly common too. Fried or sauted in garlic, onions, and tomatoes, they make very good meals along with garlic fried rice on a rainy day.

More elaborate seafood cuisine are prepared with all kinds of spices and local vegetables or other ingredients like coconut milk and citrus juices.

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