Philippine meat cuisine basically include  chicken (manok), pork (baboy), and beef (baka) in amounts exceeding any other types of meat. Karne or meat is prepared in  many creative ways, from simple to elaborate, making use of a wide variety of herbs and spices and locally available vegetables.
Vinegar, lemon, and other citrus fruit juices (e.g., tamarind, guava,  tomatoes) serve as the base of many meat dishes. Quite a number also use soy sauce (
toyo), fish sauce (patis), or shrimp paste (bagoong), giving dishes their distinct salty flavoring. In regions where coconut is grown, coconut milk  (gata) is also extensively used.
Garlic (
bawang), onion (sibuyas), pepper (paminta), ginger (luya), and bay leaves (laurel) are the most common spices. In some regions, particularly the Bikol area, hot/chili pepper (sili) is also a basic ingredient.

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