F I L I P I N O   S A L AD

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Filipinos are fond of backyard-grown vegetables simply boiled or steamed then enjoyed with one's favorite sawsawan or dipping sauce. The unique Filipino palate enjoys a variety of sawsawan like bagoong isda or alamang, patis, suka or kalamansi.
Source: www.filipinoheritage.com


2 pieces eggplant, broiled and peeled
5 pieces okra, trimmed then blanched
1 ampalaya, soaked in brine solution then sliced
4 pieces tomato, cut into wedges
1 singkamas, peeled then cut into strips
2 pieces green mango, sliced
1 onion, sliced
bagoong isda
bagoong alamang (guisado)
vinegar with siling labuyo


1. Arrange all the vegetables separately on a platter.
2. Put the different sawsawan or sauces in small bowls and serve with salad