Panghimagas, or desserts, are usually sweets or candies and pastries, often made with local fruits, rice flour, sugar, and milk. In the summer months when tropical fruits are in abundance, salad variations provide delicious fresh and cool fruit dishes. Halo-halo, a special salad-like preparation makes use of fruits as well as sweets made with yam, tapioca, and milk.

Meryenda refers to both snack or tea time and the food and beverage served during this short (usually afternoon) respite.  Rice cakes, salads, and pastries are popular snacks. They go well with coffee, tea or any cold drink.

On special occasions, like birthday parties or fiestas, these native snacks add color to the wide variety of dishes served and are always a delight to many guests, young and old alike.

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ni Carlos V. Francisco