The Oldest Existing Religion in the Country

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The Muslim settlements in the country is believed to begin during the last quarter of the 13th century in Sulu. Furthermore, it is believed that Islam was promulgated in the Philippines and its Southeast Asian sister countries by three methods: (1) by Muslim traders in the course of peaceful trade; (2) by preachers and holy men who set out from India and Arabia specifically to convert idolaters and animists and increase the knowledge of the faithful; (3) and by war waged against heathen states.

Just like in Brunei and Indonesia,the introduction of the religion, Islam, gave the Filipinos life meaning by teaching the concept of monotheism. The idea of the absolute oneness of God gave them the quality of an Ummah (Islamic nation) described as a single nation by the Holy Qur'an (21:92)

With the coming of the Spaniards, together with a new religion, the Muslims courageously resisted the Spanish conquistadores (conquerors) and continued to defend their bangsa, tau, iban, agama (nation, people and religion).

Up to this date, the Muslim hold their religion and beliefs intact. Their traditions like the practice of "Ramadan" are still followed strictly. They also live by the pages of the Holy Qu'ran and they often give their respects to Allah

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