Short Stories

fiesta-CarlosVFrancisco1946.jpg (865649 bytes)
Fiesta by Carlos V. Francisco (1946)

Issues to Consider

1.   Readers' Attitudes

"In reading a literary work, the reader is guided by various attitudes of the mind.  Ther eader can be in sympathy with the characters or antipathy toward them, or may be sceptical toward the world in the literary work.  Sympathy is a positive and friendly attitude while antipathy is the opposite.   Being sceptical, in the meantime, invites the reader to be in doubt of the characters' motivations, judgements and values."  (Kurnia, 1997)

Another attitude is:

Empathy - an attitude that occurs when the readers acts not only as an outsider but as one of the characters in the literary work.

2. Textual Reality versus the Real World

HOw can we (readers) relate the imaginary world of the literary text to the reality that we ourselves experience in daily life?