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Short Stories

The  Mats
May Day Eve
The Witch
The  Wedding Dance
How My Brother Leon Brought Home A Wife

Metrical Tales

Ibong Adarna
Bernardo Caprio


Florante at Laura
(The metrical romance of
Francisco Balagtas, is an allegory depicting the travails of the Filipinos during the Spanish Regime)

Jose Rizal's Poems
(A Martyrs hopes, dreams, aspirations and goodbyes)
Last Poem of Rizal
To The Philippines
Our Mother Tongue
Memories Of My Town
Hymn To Labor
A Poem with no title
Song Of Maria Clara
To The Philippine Youth
To Josephine
Education Gives Luster To The Motherland
To The Virgin Mary

Jose Garcia Villa's Poems

A Poem Must Be Magical
If the Heart Can no Love
When I was Bigger Than a Huge

Other Selected Poems

The Rural Maid
The Way We Live