Below is a table of verbs with the affixes they take in the actor and object focus. Some of the verbs do        not show an affix in the object focus because they  indicate location, direction,  or beneficiary,  or may be used as an instrument.   In general, actor-focus affixes take the form MAG-and/or UM-, while object-focus affixes take the form of I-, -IN, and/or -AN

Root Verb Infinitive Actor
Object Focus English Translation
abot umabot um- -in to reach for
abot mag-abot mag- i- to hand over
akyat umakyat um- -in to climb up
akyat mag-akyat mag- i- to bring (an object) up
alam alamin um- -in to know
paalam magpaalam mag-   to say goodbye
alis umalis um-   to depart
alis mag-alis mag- -in to remove
aral mag-aral mag- pag--an (pag-aralan) to study
away awayin um- -in to start a quarrel with
away mag-away mag-   to quarrel with each other
ayos mag-ayos mag- -in to arrange
baba bumaba um-   to go/come down
baba magbaba mag- i- to bring (something) down
balita magbalita mag- i- to report
bayad magbayad mag-   to pay
bigay magbigay mag- i- to give
bihis magbihis mag- i- to dress or change clothes
bilang bumilang um- -in to count
bili bumili um- -in to buy
(pag)bili magbili mag- i- to sell
buhat bumuhat um- -in to lift/raise up
buhay mabuhay ma-   to have life, live
buhay bumuhay um- -in to support,
to bring to life
bukas magbukas mag- i-/-an to open
bura magbura mag- -in to erase
daan dumaan um- -an to pass by
dala magdala mag- -in to carry,
dalaw dumalaw um- -in to pay a visit
dasal magdasal mag- -in to pray
dating dumating um- -an to arrive
dilig magdilig mag- in-/-an to water plants
gamot gumamot um-/mag- -in to give medical attention to
gasta gumasta um- -in to spend
gawa gumawa um- -in to do,
to make something
gising gumising um- -in to wake up
hugas maghugas mag- -an to wash something
huli humuli um- -in to catch
huli mahuli ma   to be late
ibig umibig um -in to love
init mag-init mag -in to heat up something over fire
inom uminom um -in to drink
intindi mag-intindi mag -in to attend to, take charge of
ipon mag-ipon mag -in to save something
iwan mag-iwan mag -in to leave behind
kagat kumagat um -in to bite
kain kumain um -in to eat
kanta kumanta um -in to sing
kilos kumilos um   to move,
to  do something
kita magkita mag   to meet
koya kumopya um -in to copy
kuha kumuha um -in to get,
to take
laba mag-laba mag -an to wash clothes
laban lumaban um-   to oppose, to fight against
ligpit magligpit mag- i-/-in to put away
limot lumimot um-   to forget
linis maglinis mag- -in to clean
lipad lumipad um-   to fly
lipat lumipat um-   to transfer
lipat maglipat mag- i- to move or transfer something or somebody
luto magluto mag- i-/-in to cook
nakaw magnakaw mag- -in to steal
ngiti ngumiti um-   to smile
pansin pumansin um- -in to notice
pasok pumasok um-   to enter
pasok magpasok mag- i- to take in
pasyal magpasyal mag-   to take a walk
patay pumatay um- -in to kill
pili pumili um- -in to choose
pinta magpinta mag- i- to paint
punas magpunas mag- -as to wipe
punta magpunta/
mag-/um-   to go somewhere
sabi magsabi mag- -in to say
sagot sumagot mag- i- to answer,
to respond
sakay sumakay um-   to take a ride
sakay magsakay mag- i- to make "x" take a ride
sakit sumakit um-   to have an ache, to be hurt
salita magsalita mag-   to speak
sama sumama um-   to accompany
sama samahan   -an to accompany someone
sama magsama mag- i- to bring along somebody
sara magsara mag- i- to close something


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