Requests are expressed in Tagalog by adding the prefix PAKI- to the verb root or verb stem followed by the second person NG (non focused)-pronoun, mo (you-singular) or ninyo (you-plural). The prefix PAKI- is similar to the word please in English.
Adding either of the enclitic particles nga and naman "softens" the request further.
Here are some examples representative of the different derivational verb stems:

PAKI- + Verb Root
Derivational Stem Request Form Example
-IN Verbs
dalhin> pakidala Pakidala mo ang maleta ko.
Please carry my luggage.
lutuin> pakiluto Pakiluto mo naman ang manok.
Please cook the chicken.
I- Verbs
ibigay> pakibigay Pakibigay mo ang mangga sa bata.
Please give the mango to the child.
ilagay> pakilagay Pakilagay mo nga ang bulaklak sa mesa.
Please put the flowers on the table.
Beneficiary-Focus IPAG-/I- Verbs ipagtimpla> pakitimpla Pakitimpla mo ng kape ang bisita.
Please prepare coffee for the guest.
ipagluto> pakiluto Pakiluto mo nga ng pancit ang mga bata.
Please cook noodles for the kids.

*When enclitics and pronouns are in the same sentence, the order rule is shortest----->longest.


PAKI- + Verb Stem
Derivational Stem Request Form Example
Location/Direction- Focus -AN Verbs puntahan> pakipuntahan Pakipuntahan mo si Maria sa kusina.
Please see Maria in the kitchen.
lapitan> pakilapitan Pakilapitan mo ang ang bata.
Please move closer to the child.
Beneficiary-Focus -AN Verbs bigyan> pakibigyan Pakibigyan mo ng tip ang weyter.
Please leave a tip for the waiter.
dalhan> pakidalhan Pakidalhan mo ng prutas si Lola.
Please bring some fruits for Grandmother.