Nominal Sentences

These are sentences that have nominal (noun) predicates or some noun form in the predicate position. A beginning student would employ this sentence structure to offer information about one's occupation, nationality, or answer what-questions. 
Below are some examples where the nominal predicate is underlined:

meeting.wmf (4950 bytes) Titser si Mr. Ramos sa Science High School.  
(Mr. Ramos is a teacher at the Science High School.)
womnpncl.wmf (5714 bytes) Estudyante si Anna sa NIU.    
(Anna is a student at NIU.)
WB01426_.gif (1288 bytes) Abogado ang babae.    
(The woman is a lawyer.)
Sktebrd1.wmf (3616 bytes) Amerikano ang lalaki.    
(The man is American.)
Friends.wmf (5054 bytes) Aleman sina Baldur at Eva.   
(Baldur and Eva are Germans.)
Courier.wmf (14666 bytes) Kartero siya.    
(She/He is a postman.)
Bizrun.wmf (27160 bytes) Empleyado sila sa bangko.   
(They are employees at the bank.)
homesprg.wmf (7258 bytes) Bahay ko ito.   
(This is my house.)
horsjmp.wmf (6852 bytes) Kabayo niya ito.   
(This is her/his horse.)