Adjectival Sentences

These are sentences that contain adjective(s) or descriptive word(s) in the predicate position.  This sentence structure is used to describe someone or something.
Here are some examples where the adjectival predicate is italicized:

Kiddush1.wmf (5104 bytes) Makulay ang bahaghari.  
(The rainbow is colorful.)
Clrpencl.wmf (4014 bytes) Maikli ang mga krayola.  
(The crayons are short.)
manpncl.wmf (5118 bytes) Matalino si Dan.  
(Dan is intelligent.)
Dancers2.wmf (6688 bytes) Masaya sina Nora at Boyet.
(Nora and Boyet are happy.)
lemonpie.wmf (4066 bytes) Masarap iyan.  
(That is delicious.)
Flowers5.wmf (29000 bytes) Maganda ang mga iyan.  
(Those are beautiful.)
PE03257A.gif (4096 bytes) Mabait siya.  
(He/She is nice.)
meeting2.wmf (12054 bytes) Masipag sila.  
(They are hardworking.)