This Tagalog Grammar page is a supplement to the lessons presented in the Tagalog Homepage of SEAsite. The topics presented here should cover most, if not all, of the grammar points included in the thematic lessons.  The lessons on this site are presented in such a way that students of Tagalog will be able to use this as a reference even if they are following another book in the course of their learning the language. We highly recommend,  though,   that you go over the lessons and activities in the Tagalog site first to fully appreciate the benefits of this grammar reference. We also encourage you to do the language exercises tied to the grammar lessons presented here.

This is a reference page, not an activity page. For interactive lessons, go to Thematic Lessons

Beginning Tagalog 1 introduces the different parts of speech such as noun, adjective, pronoun, etc. It also discusses the basic sentence and question forms. Topics like noun modification, degree adjectives, noun markers and pronouns, and other basic sentence structures are given much attention. Transformations are not part of what is covered in these pages.  Proceed to Grammar Lessons Table of Contents.



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