(Straddle Jump)

2 to 10 or more players
Outdoors, gymnasium

One of the players is chosen as captain of the team, and another as taya (base player).  The rest of the players are jumpers.   Two parallel lines about five meters apart are marked off on the ground. 

The base player stands one foot from the starting line on which a base is placed.  He bends his trunk forward-downward and supports his body by putting his elbows on his thighs. 

The captain straddle-jumps over the base player, and the rest of the players do the same, one by one.  Whatever jump the captain takes, the rest will imitate.  After each successful jump by all the players, the base player moves a pace farther from the base.  Should a player fail to do what the captain did, or should he touch the base player with his feet while he is jumping, or should he fail to touch the base before he jumps, he becomes the new base player in the next game.