(Laughing Game)

20 to 50 or more players
Outdoors or indoors

I.  All the players are seated around in an irregular order. Before the game starts, all agree as to which side of a two-sided object (a coin for example) should allow them to laugh or stop laughing. The leader tosses up a coin, and, based on the agreement of the rest of the players, the players should either laugh or stop laughing when the object lands on the ground.  This is an interesting game since the players start laughing, it would be very hard for many to suppress their laughter immediately if the coin lands on the side that the players are supposed to stop laughing.

II.  The leader tosses up an object and makes it a requirement that all must laugh while the object is in the air and stop as soon as it falls on the floor.  By varying the height of the throw,  laughter may be long or short.