(Cat and Dog)

10 to 20 or more players
Indoors or outdoors

A large circle is marked on the ground or floor.  At the center of the circle are sticks, slippers, and other objects which represent the "bones".  One player is chosen as the aso ("dog") and stays inside the circle guarding the "bones".  The other players, who are the pusa ("cats"), stay outside the circle.   The goal of the "cats" is to take the "bone" from the "dog" without being tagged or touched by him.  The "dog" may tag the "cats" with his feet or his hands, but he must remain seated by the "bones."

The "cats" may tease him by stepping in and out of the circle.  While he is busy trying to tag some of the "cats", others attempt to steal the "bones".  If the "cats" succeed in stealing the "bones" from the "dog" without being tagged, the same player remains as the "dog" in the next game.  If he succeeds in tagging any one of the "cats", the one tagged becomes the "dog" of the next game.