5-10 or more players
Outdoors or gymnasium

Each player is provided with a large throw-away object (could be slippers or a  shoe) called "pamato".  An empty tin or plastic container (the size of an 8 or 12 oz. tins) is placed in upright position   6 or 8 meters from the throwing line.  A player is chosen as the prisoner, guarding the empty tin or container.

The other players stand at the throwing line.  They take turns  throwing their "pamato" at the empty tin.   Everybody tries to knock the tin down.  As soon as the can is knocked down, the prisoner must put back  the tin in upright position before he can tag the any of the players attempting to recover their "pamato".  The prisoner can tag the players while recovering their "pamato" within the throwing line only. 

After each throw, a player must recover his "pamato".  Should he be tagged by the prisoner before he reaches the throwing line, he becomes the prisoner in the next game.