(Jump over Thorns)

4 to 8 players
Outdoors, gymnasium

    The players are divided into two equal teams.  Two players are chosen as mothers of the teams.  The rest of the players are children.   The mothers are supposed to be high jumpers,  for the object of the game is for players to able to jump the height of the hands placed one on top of the other without touching them. 
    The first to jump will be decided by the mothers, who toss a slipper or wooden shoe.  The mother who wins the toss will have the first jump,  and the other team players will be the taya (on base). 

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    Two players on the base will sit facing each other with their right feet touching.  The jumpers jump over the feet.  Then one hand is placed above the feet with palms and fingers open,  then another,  and so on until all the fingers are piled one on top of  the other.  Before an additional hand is placed all the players must have jumped over the file.  Oftentimes,  the hand of another player is placed at the gap to prevent the jumpers from jumping over it.  Sometimes, five hands are used and a fourth player is called upon to fill the file of the hands. 
    When the jumpers jump over the hands without touching the hands with any part of their body, or dress, the game is repeated and they will be the jumpers again.   If the mother's  "children" (rest of the team)  touch the hands while jumping over them, its is considered a "fault" (an error),  and the mother will jump for them.  But if it is the mother who fails,  then the team will have to take the place of the team on base.