Lawin at Sisiw
(Hawk and Chickens)

10 to 20 or more players
Outdoors, gymnasium

            One player is chosen as the hawk and another as the mother hen. The rest of the players are chickens.   The chickens are arranged one behind the other,  holding each other's waists.  The hen leads the chickens and goes around in search of food.     

          The hawk meets them and tries to buy a chick from the hen.  The hawk asks the hen, "Will you let me buy one of your chickens?"  The hen replies, "Yes, choose anyone you like." 

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            The hawk sits down and chooses a fat one.  Finally,  after bargaining for the price, he pays the hen and takes the chicken with him.  He then takes the chicken off and asks her  to find grains of rice for his dinner.  When the hawk falls asleep, the chicken escapes and returns to the hen.  When the hawk discovers that the chicken had escaped,   he looks for her and chases her.  The hen and the other chickens prevent the hawk from catching the chicken. 
            If the hawk succeeds in catching the chicken,  he takes her again and punishes her by making her dig around for rice grains;  if he fails,  the game is started again,  and he tries to buy another chicken.