Religion in the Philippines
by Ma. Ernita Joaquin


Religion and the Modern World
Religious Freedom
Religious Groups
Religious Briefs
Public Life and Religion
Modules for Teachers
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Prepared August  2002. Opinions expressed in this module are those of the author and do not reflect the views of the NIU Seasite.


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Reading this module will introduce the learners to various religions in the Philippines. Once finished studying the module, the learner should be able to:

  • identify the different religious groups found in the country
  • distinguish one group from another
  • identify the linkage between religion and public life, and
  • identify current religious concerns.

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An atheist friend of Sir Isaac Newton visited the famed scientist shortly after Newton had constructed a mechanical model of the solar system. The man walked over to it, turned the crank and the planets and moons moved around in their orbits.

"How wonderful!" the man exclaimed. "Who made it?"

"Nobody did," answered Newton.

The astonished visitor protested that this marvelous machine had to have been made by somebody, to which Newton replied:

"Now isn't it amazing. I tell you that nobody made this simple toy, and you don't believe me. Yet you gaze at the intricate design of the solar system and dare to say that no one made it."

- from "Common Ground" in
The Plain Truth by

J. Tkach (July/Aug 2002:31)