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Every May 14 Parañaque's annual fiesta is highlighted by its very unique street pageant called the Sunduan. The term "sunduan" is derived from the word sundo which literally means "to fetch" and relates to an old courtship custom of waiting on one’s lady love, accompanying her to the town plaza, and bringing her home. Sunduan is another celebration unique to Parañaque. It conveys the message that Paraqueños are romantics; that their womenfolk are regarded with love and respect; and that Chivalry is alive in Parañaque. But digging deeper into this celebration, the sunduan is another metaphor of Christ's and Mary's ascension to heaven; in this case the young ladies represent the two divinities while the gentlemen take the place of the heavenly spirits. This allegory is strengthened by the fact that although there is no immediate spiritual significance to the ceremony, it is still the parish that usually organizes this event.

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