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Flower-shaped Kiping surround the children

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Kiping adorn the house facade

is the time when people in Lucban, Quezon give thanks to San Isidro Labrador for a good harvest. Pahiyas means "decor". Every May 15, the fronts pf houses are are elaborately decorated with brightly colored rice wafer, called kiping, a type of rice dough made from a traditional reciipe. When the festival is over, these kiping are cooked and eaten as rice chips. Fruits, grain, vegetables, and woven palm hats are used as decorations. In the Afternppn, San Isidro Labrador's image is carried accross town in a procession to assure farmers of more bountiful harvests in forthcoming seasons.

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Colorful palm hats and pineapples are hung as offerings
to San Isidro Labrador

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Pahiyas in Full Bloom

Source: (images and text) Festival of the World: Philippines and Insight Guides: Philippines and

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