(Tīboli Tribal Festival)

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Celebrated every third week of September. This thanksgiving festival stems from the belief of the Tīboli in a golden age which they call Lem-lunay, a sort of Camelot or paradise which they would like to rebuild for themselves. Each festival is a venue to reenergize the people and renew their vow to work for this coveted state of life. Features the convergence of the 6 major tribes of South Cotabato (Tīboli, Ubo, Manobo, Kalagan, Maguindanao, Tasaday) together with representatives from the different tribes in Davao (Tirurays, Mandaya, Surigao tribes, Langilan, Bilaan, Bagog, Mansaka). The festival was originally just a small town fiesta celebrating the feast day of Sta Cruz.

However, starting in the 70īs, the religious feast has incorporated the features of the Mo-inum or thanksgiving ritual of the Tībolis. The commemorative mass held during the final day features a unique blend of Catholic ritual and ethnic color. Horse fights, traditional dances and games add more spectacle to this breathtaking and awe-inspiring festival. Here is one festival which one really has to see to believe.

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