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Turumba Festival
Celebrated in Pakil, Laguna

A feast in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows, believed to have miraculous powers. The festival is celebrated through a procession characterized by singing, dancing, jumping and leaping to the turumba song participated in by residents and believers from other towns.

Every year during the months of April and may, the people of Pakil, in the province of Laguna celebrates the Turumba Festival. It commemorates the seven sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is held 7 times each year between the months of April and May. The first is held on the Friday before Palm Sunday and the last falls on Pentecost Sunday.

The Turumba festivities, popularly known as "Pistang Lupi", become one of the main tourist attraction in our town. The "Pistang Lupi" fiestas for the Blessed Mother of Turumba consists of seven novenas corresponding to the seven sorrows of the Blessed Mother. A Turumba procession follows right after each novena. This religious celebration is known as the largest ang longest of its kind in the country. During "Pistang Lupi" season, tens of thousand devotees from nearby town and provinces (particularly from the province of Quezon) join altogether to participate in the festivity.

Origin of the word "Turumba":

From what I have read, the word "Turumba" might have ome from two words; One is "turo", which means to point, the other one being "umbay", which is the dirge sung by the invalids or sick. But this is just a theory of Alejandro Roces.1 The truth about the Turumba will be known when the facts about the ritual comes out from the Franciscan Ibero- Oriental Archives in Madrid, Spain.


Turumba, Turumba Mariangga
Matuwa tayo't magsaya
Sumayaw ng Tu-Turumba
Puri sa Birhen Maria, Sa Birhen!
Turumba, Turumba sa Birhen
Matuwa tayo't mag-aliw
Turumba'y ating sayawin
Puri sa Mahal na Birhen, Sa Birhen!
Biyernes ng makita Ka
Linggo ng i-ahon Ka
Sumayaw ng Tu-Turumba
Puri sa Birhen Maria, Sa Birhen (2x)
Turumba, Turumba sa Birhen
Turumba, Turumba sa Birhen
Turumba'y ating sayawin
Puri sa Mahal na Birhen
(Repeat Over)


Lami-Lamihan Festival
April 14-16
Celebrated in Lamitan, Basilan

A yearly festival coinciding with the founding of Lamitan Municipality; showcases the traditional Yakan customs and traditions, music and dances, and traditional crafts. Natives dressed in colorful attires participate in horse races, parades and a lot more.

Bahug-Bahugan sa Mactan
April 27
Mactan Island, Cebu

Celebrating Magellan's landing on Mactan, Island, which consequently led to his death, through theatrical re-enactment on the beach of Mactan. 

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