Philippine Festivals

Filipinos love to have fun, and it is obvious in the way they celebrate fiestas or festivals. Fiestas or any community celebration usually feature music, dancing, and food feasts, and they are considered special opportunities for people to extend hospitality and friendship to one another. These festivals include:

Religious Celebrations:
Feast of the Three Kings, Feast of the Black Nazarene, Ati-AtihanCarabao Festival, Mayohan sa Tayabas, Christmas, Lent , Hari-Raya

Tribal Festivals:
Kalibongan Festival, T'Boli Festival,

National Celebrations:
New Year's Day, Labor Day, Independence Day, All Saints' Day, Bonifacio Day

Cultural Festivals:
Jeepney King Festival, Kalibongan Festival,
Binirayan Festival

Source: Festivals of the World: Philippines