a.  Monitor the Discussion Forum and post necessary statements when needed

b.  Respond to inquiries made to Tagalog Tutor on the web.

c.  Develop and expand the English Modules and make necessary editing on the pages already developed; e.g. redo the lay-out of all the modules and develop a more consistent lay-out for all the pages (same color, same text font, same background, etc.)

New Modules may be the following topics:

Local Government
Waste Management in the Cities
NGO Projects
Other interesting topics

d.  Regularly help monitor the weekly quizzes for FLTA 103 on Fridays at the Language Center at 2 p.m. and substitute teach the class when needed.  Classes are held in Douglas 30 on Monday and Thursday and in DuSable 170 on other days.

e.  Help to develop and expand the Intermediate Lessons and grammar pages.  Additional photographs, quizzes and audio may be needed in some of the lessons.

f.  Add missing words in the dictionary on line.