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 Philippine Commerce and Business Culture

This page provides business vocabulary lessons for language learners interested in doing business or
business related activities in the Philippines.  

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(General Information you need to know before going to the Philippines)


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Galo B. Ocampo


Useful Links
Cultural Modules

Business Vocabulary Lessons
(Lessons are divided into different business topics.  Learn the vocabulary words and how they are used in context.  Cultural notes are included)

Philippine Economy
(Take a brief glance at the state of Philippine economy - e.g Top Corporations, Underground Economy, Economic Prospects, etc.)

Useful Tagalog Phrases
(Simple Phrases needed
before Travel to the Philippines)



Philippine Regional Cultures
(See the striking differences and similarities in the various island groups in the archipelago.)


Tagalog Slang
(Some Slang words are borrowed, coined and semantically  modified for everyday conversation)

Philippine History and Peoples
(A simple glimpse of the Filipinos and their glorious historical past.)


Business Cultural Notes
(These are short essays on  the business culture of the Philippines and other topics related to Filipino Culture)

Philippine Festivals
(Fiesta or festivals are a plenty in the Philippines' more than 7,000 islands. Here are the more popular ones.)


Tagalog Idioms
(Learn Commonly
Used Expressions)

(Know the current state of political affairs in the country and how politics shapes the business climate.)

Online Dictionary

(Download your own copy)

(Be in the loop where to go or invest in the country's best spots.)

Translation Help
(use our tutor
e-mail and get
answers to your questions)

(Educate yourself in the country's artistry.)

Online Dictionaries  
(Use these dictionaries to find English translation of Tagalog words or vice versa)

(Filipinos' love for music is a lifestyle. Be in tune with a business sense musicality.

Tagalog  Tools
(Use different Language
Tools Online)

Tagalog Website
(Learn More about the Tagalog Language and the Philippine Culture)

Discussion Forum
(Participate in a Forum with Other Learners)