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Source of the Pictures:  Willem Stutterheim, Rama-Legends and Rama Reliefs in Indonesia, New Delhi: Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, Abhiva Publications, 1989


After Rahwana had acquired supernatural powers, the god Visnu became incarnate as Prince Rama of Ayodhya.  The full image shows Visnu surrounded by the other gods, along with creatures of land and sea, attended by the eagle Garuda on whom he rides.

(See Ramayana story, episode 1)






The Attack Against Alengka

... Then, all of the Rama's troop crossed the beach of Langka Island, using the strong stone bridge. All of the ocean creatures were ordered by Lord Baruna to guard the foundation of that bridge so that all of the Rama's troop could arrive at Langkapura safely.
(See Ramayana story episode 41).




Kaikayi soon reminded Dasarata of his promise to choose Barata as the next King. When King Dasarata proposed her, he promised to elect Kaikayi's son to be his successor. Because of this, Kaikayi demanded the King to cancelled his decision to elect Rama as the King. Hearing the Kaikayi's demand, King Dasarata became very sad.
(See Ramayana story episode 11)




... After meeting Rama in the jungle, Ramaparasu asked Rama to kill him using his own bow. If Rama could not lift the bow, he must be willing to be killed by Ramaparasu. Rama agreed upon that request. The sacred bow was lifted and bent. The bow was shot directly at Ramaparasu. His body became weak and a moment later he died as he had wished.
(See Ramayana story episode 8)




The Adventures into
the Dandaka Forest

... Rama asked a permission
from his father to leave. Still composed he told Sita about the order, then they prepared to leave the palace. With tears from the palace officials they went to Dandaka Forest. Laksamana, who loved his brother very much, accompanied them on their journey.
(See Ramayana story episode 12)




Rahwana became angry and he drew his weapon. The fight was joined in the sky. Jatayu was badly hurt so that he could not fly again. Knowing that Jatayu defended her, Sita released her ring then threw it to Jatayu to hand to Rama. Jatayu fell to the ground, bleeding.
(See Ramayana story episode 21).


Rama and Laksamana

Sugriwa wanted to see Rama's skill in archery. With pleasure, Rama agreed to show his skill. In the middle of the forest, there were seven palm trees. With one shot, Rama's arrow knocked down those seven trees.   Sugriwa and Hanuman were impressed upon seeing Rama's skill in archery.

(See Ramayana story episode 27)

The Pictures of Ramayana Relief at Prambanan, Central Java

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Menyerang Alengka

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Kaikayi membujuk Dasarata

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Rama Memanah Ramaparasu

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Pengembaraan Menuju Hutan Dandaka


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Rahwana atau Dasamuka


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Rama dan Laksamana