1. The Birth of Rahwana

Once upon a time, there was a king named Danaraja who ruled Lokapala. He wanted to marry a princess of Langkapura, Dewi Sukesi. To marry that princess, he needed to win a competition. Because of that, the King Danaraja asked his father, Bagawan Wisrawa, to represent him in the competition. Bagawan Wisrawa left for Langkapura.

Having supernatural power, Bagawan Wisrawa won the competition easily. Seeing how  beautiful Dewi Sukesi was, he changed his mind.  He himself wanted to marry her and forgot that actually it was his son who wanted to marry this princess. Then Bagawan Wisrawa married Dewi Sukesi.

From this union some children were born. The first was Rahwana or Dasamuka. He had a strong body and a giant's face. His personality was bad too. The second child was Kumbakarna, who also had a giant face but with good personality. The third child was a girl with a giant face, Sarpakenaka was her name. She also had bad personality. The last child was Wibisana who had nice personality and handsome.

Rahwana succedded his father as a king. He conquered other kingdoms including Lokapala. He also wanted to conquered Heaven. The God Wisnu wanted to stop Rahwana's atrocities. He reincarnated becoming a prince of Ayodya, Ramawijaya.