6. Competition at Mantilireja

There was a King Janaka who ruled Mantilireja. The King had a beautiful daughter named Sita. She was well known for her nice personality. When Sita grew up becoming a young woman, King Janaka conducted a competition. Whoever could lift up the King's bow and bend it until it was broken would be married to Sita.

Tens of princes and knights came to Mantilireja to participate in the competition. One by one  tried to lift the bow up. But no one was strong enough to do that.

Wiswamitra suggested Ramawijaya and Laksamana should go to Mantilireja for the competition. After arrived in Mantilireja, Ramawijaya was permitted to lift the sacred bow. The strength of Ramawijaya amazed King Janaka and filled him with wonder. The big bow was easily lifted by Ramawijaya, and he bent it until it broke.