5. The Monastery of Bagawan Wiswamitra

After the giants were defeated, Bagawan Wiswamitra, accompanied by his disciples, went back to the monastery. Villagers cleared the ruins caused by the battle. They reconstructed the villagers' houses. They started raising livestock. The fields that had been destroyed were cultivated again, and irrigation channels were also dug out.  Land that had just been cleared was made into farmland, divided into rice paddies, and irrigated.  Seeds were sown.

They also rebuilt the ruined temples. Under the leadership of Wiswamitra, they organized prayers and ceremonies. They prayed for the safety and welfare of the people and an end to war and disease.   Sometimes Ramawijaya and Laksamana still visited the Bagawan's monestary. They were guarding against the possibility that the giants would disturb the villagers in the future.