36. Hanuman Ransacked the Langkapura Garden

Before leaving, Hanuman   intentionally ransacked the garden. He uprooted the trees, pulled out the flowers, smashed the pots, overthrew the rooves of the buildings, and broke away the dam so it caused flooding.

The giants who guarded the garden thought that it was an earthquake or flood going on. After a while they realized that it was a white monkey who was destroying the garden. Together they chased and tried to catch him, but Hanuman moved very fast, and he could run away from them easily .

The giants then reported the incident to Indrajit, the crowned prince of Langkapura. After seeing the destruction, Indrajit became angry, particularly when he saw that Hanuman seemed to mock him by jumping from one tree to another one.

Indrajit then took his weapon, the Nagapasa arrow, an arrow that could twist the target. He shot Hanuman directly. After the arrow struck Hanuman, those giants could easily catch him.