29. The Death of Subali

The fight between the two brothers was not yet finished. With all of his strength Sugriwa pulled up a tree and struck Subali with it.  Subali was knocked down, but immediately stood up angrily. He caught Sugriwa and threw him as far away as possible.

Sugriwa went to Rama and asked him why he had not helped him yet. Rama said that he was hesitant to shoot because Sugriwa and Subali looked very much alike.  Rama then asked Sugriwa to put a cocconut leaf around his neck, so that he could be differentiated easily from Subali.

Shortly after that, Sugriwa, wearing a cocconut leaf necklace, came back to the fighting arena. He challenged Subali to continue the fight. Hearing the challenge, Subali became very angry. He pounced upon Sugriwa, strangled him until he could not move anymore. At that moment Rama strightened his bow and released his arrow. That arrow stuck Subali in the chest, and his body felt down to the ground. He was wounded.